Each year during the weeks leading up to Christmas, Catholic Charities sets up a Giving Tree space in the Mall of America to both raise awareness for the underprivileged and to provide a high-traffic, high-visibility location for people to donate and drop off Christmas gifts. While previous years had proved effective and worth the commitment, they felt a need to improve the aesthetic appeal of their exhibit, but had a limited budget.

The Catholic Charities team reached out to Skyline when they learned that Skyline had provided the previous year’s Pinky Swear and Love Your Melon exhibits in the same space. Skyline 360 was brought into the discussion to help steer the overall layout of the space and provide the graphic design for the exhibit.

As you can see by the photos taken at the Mall of America, the space turned out great and Catholic Charities was ecstatic about not only the look but the turnout and increased excitement for the Giving Tree, which resulted in more Christmas gifts being donated to the those in need.

“…we believe that this was our biggest year in number of visitors to the Giving Tree and the number of gifts received. This increase is a result of the beautiful space you and your team created for us, thank you!” – Mary Huss, Catholic Charities