Exhibit & Interactive Experience


3d Painted Object

Create large scale sculptures of the Behr bear (approx. 6’ x 4’).  A communal experience would ensue each day with attendees gathering to paint the large bear in the exhibit.  One new, blank-canvas bear would be used for each show. Once the artistically painted bears are complete, several options exist for their future.  For instance, each bear could be donated to a local hospital or shelter, the bears could be auctioned off for charity or even given away as prizes.

Small scale paintable bears (approx. 6” x 4”) could also be provided as giveaways to attendees along with a coupon for a Behr 8oz. sample jar.  This would bring customers into Home Depot and get Behr paint into their cart.


Virtual Reality (VR) VIP Tour of Behr Facility and Lab

A VR experience for attendees will allow potential customers to be immersed in the science and manufacturing behind Behr paints.

By utilizing 360-degree video, overlaid with motion graphics, we suggest a narrated tour of Behr’s facility and lab. This approach will educate show attendees via a tech savvy method resulting in a memorable experience. The experience can showcase several science experiments showing the durability of the paint. In addition, the user can take a virtual tour of a world class manufacturing plant. The participant will likely be seated and use Oculus Rift VR goggles to take a VIP tour of the lab. A large screen monitor, near the VR station, will be visible to attendees who are waiting for the experience or choose not to immerse themselves in the VR experience. The screen will share a live feed of the view within the goggles.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and LED Lighting

RFID and LED technology delight attendees with a colorful experience. Attendees could place an item onto a designated spot that would trigger the LED lights. These lights will wash the wall(s) in the color that the item represents. For example, a green paint chip that gets put into a paint tray would wash the wall with green light, or when a purple stir stick gets put in a paint can, the wall would turn purple, etc. Additional content could also be shown on an interactive touchscreen. This content would tie in with the color or type of paint chosen by the user. The content ideas are numerous with this technology.

20x40 Exhibit Design

20x30 Exhibit Design

20x20 Exhibit Design