Creativity is a diverse concept. While some of us sit publicly in the creative hot seat, others call on different forms of creativity to fulfill hobbies and problem solving scenarios every day. For some creativity comes easily, but even the most creative minds need to keep their skills sharp with creative exercises that give us inspiration.

Visual exercises are a great way to discover and feed your creative spirit and help you learn how to use it and make it available when you need it. When the Skyline 360 team started taking and creating images to represent our new logo for our Instagram account, it was meant as a way to start filling the account with content and building our brand. We quickly realized it was going far beyond that and it was a fun way for us to express our creativity outside of the day-to-day workload. Each of us found that we were always looking for the next visual that related to our circular, orange logo or to a “full-circle” concept that we could relate to our brand. And it became a little competitive – we were all trying to outdo each other with the next cool image.

How do you exercise your creativity? What tools or hobbies to you consciously participate in to free your creative spirit? If it happens to be Instagram, tag us @Skyline360Creative in your posts and share your inspiration!

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