Why 360?

Skyline has worked with thousands of companies for over 35 years to help them look their best in front of a live and captive audience at trade shows and events around the world. Skyline 360 now provides full service marketing and/or creative solutions beyond the trade show floor. Our highly skilled creative team provides a complete circle of integrated creative solutions for all types of companies in all industries. If you just want to go to one single vendor for all your creative and marketing projects think of Skyline.

When should I use Skyline 360?

Any time there is need for anything creative that your company or office may not currently handle internally such as, a rebrand/logo-redesign, video content, a new web site, new marketing collateral, pre-show or at-show marketing campaigns.

How do we start a project with Skyline 360?

From our web site: go to the contact page and fill out the form. That’s it… We will be in touch very shortly after  receipt of that form submission and will try to get a discovery meeting scheduled ASAP. In that first meeting we typically go through our capabilities and creative process then spend the rest of the time learning as much as we can about your company and what kind of creative needs you have.

From there we will formulate a more accurate estimate of what we feel it will take to fulfill the project requirements. If that price estimate is acceptable then all we need is a signed contract and we are off to the races.

What's the typical lead time for a project?

There really isn’t a “typical” lead time. Each project, each client, each situation is different, but ultimately it will be dependent upon and be driven by the client. No surprise, trade show exhibits are usually the most regimented and schedule-dependent projects that we work on. Depending on exhibit size we usually need at least 1-2 weeks to create graphic concepts and get them into production, but as with any project, the more time we can get, the better it will be. Always contact us as soon as possible to get a project estimated and scheduled in a timely manner.

What do you charge?

We have a very rough ballpark guideline for a very rough initial estimate, but this really is a ballpark price and thus is merely an average range. We would still need to have a discovery meeting to determine a more accurate estimate… and typically we do stay very close to the original estimate by the time the project is complete, if it ends up changing at all it is usually due to a change in the project scope (additional work).

What's the difference between graphic production and what Skyline 360 does?

Skyline has a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced “Graphic Production Artists” who’s primary function is to produce production-ready files and grids from predesigned artwork sent in for exhibit production. This production phase ensures the very best possible results from our top of the line printing processes used in each exhibit solution. The Skyline 360 team would be involved earlier in the process to actually assist with developing the theme and concepts for marketing and graphics. Following approval by the client we then finalize the graphics at high resolution before sending to the graphic production team. The 360 team essentially acts as a marketing and consulting agency.

If you have a design already, the production team will be your best bet. If you don’t have a design or even a concept or maybe just want a designer’s final touch to the existing concept, then Skyline 360 is here to help. Do to the nature of developing high level conceptual content, unique creative solutions and their potential longevity, the Skyline 360 team has a slightly higher cost associated with their services than the graphic production team.

Does Skyline 360 do any graphic production work at all then?

That will ultimately depend on the scope of a project. Typically what Skyline considers “graphic production” is excluded from Skyline 360 exhibit graphics estimates. However, with any creative project there will be some level of “production” work involved. The fact is that Skyline already has a fully dedicated Graphic Production team in place to take already designed and approved artwork on projects and prep it for printing and production. At this point we feel that it is not the best use of Skyline 360 to function in that exact same capacity. Skyline has production processes in place that are specific to Skyline’s core business and the 360 team more often than not functions well beyond this core business to provide services at a level not often available under “one roof”. We value our time and we value our client’s budgets, so at this point all exhibit design projects, once completed and approved will still need to pass through the Skyline internal graphics production process as usual and will thus NOT be included in our creative estimates for exhibit design.

What does Skyline 360 provide then, as far as exhibit graphics files go?

While Skyline 360 does not do the final exhibit graphics production (gridding), we do still provide final high resolution graphics to our production team in formats that can be adjusted as needed. Many times we are working very early in the process to establish the overall creative direction and thus final, to-the-inch dimensions may not be available. We do our best to create artwork that is flexible enough to allow for micro-adjustments in the production phase and we trust our graphic production team to make sure the artwork ends up looking the best that it can be.

Does Skyline 360 provide working files to clients and/or dealers?

Our standard procedure for estimating is to NOT include the provision of working files externally. If that is something the client and/or dealer wishes to obtain following project completion then we will need to discuss and estimate that as such. If the discussion does not arise, please assume final production/working files will only be available to our internal production process.

Does Skyline 360 do 'spec' work?

No. Not really. We have a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced creative professionals with a very good track record of work to prove it. We are very confident that we can successfully develop great solutions for practically any creative need and will work with you throughout the creative process to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Let us put our years of trade show experience to work for you.