Not unlike many companies, Skyline has an internal creative department that creates sales, marketing and corporate communications materials for the many initiatives of the company. But unlike most internal creative departments, we also help manage marketing support and creative communications to Skyline’s more than 85 independent dealer offices worldwide. We operate as their creative agency, and we care very deeply about their success.

A year ago, Skyline’s Creative Services Group began taking our creative services one step further by offering them to our dealer’s clients, the end users of our products. Our experience in the trade show industry made us the perfect team to create the visual and graphic strategies to go along with the exhibits sold by our dealers.

When designing trade show booth graphics for our clients, we had to ask a lot of questions: Who is your target audience? What are your marketing goals in the booth? How will you measure success? And these questions lead to more thought about the client’s trade show marketing campaign as a whole: How will you drive traffic to this booth? Do you have a campaign theme? How will you follow up after the show?

It became clear that we could help our clients with a lot more than just exhibit graphics. As creative marketing professionals with immense experience in trade shows, we fit a very specific need for clients planning to attend a trade show. We had the know-how to help them create a successful communication strategy to engage with customers before, during and after the show – three hundred and sixty degrees of communication strategy!

For a full year, the Creative Services Group at Skyline exhibits has been operating under this client-focused agency model. We’re really excited by our growth and success and we’re celebrating with our own rebrand and name change to Skyline 360.

From complete exhibit marketing strategies, email and social media campaigns to website design, promotions and corporate identity, we help clients reach their target audience and enhance their brand’s awareness. Skyline 360 represents the full-circle, integrated creative solutions we offer.

It’s like a fresh new paint job, with the same fine-tuned, fast engine under the hood. Are you ready to take a ride with us?

Check out our portfolio for examples of some of our best work.