If you’re anything like us and attempt to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world via blog feeds then you’ll be happy know that you can follow this blog by subscribing to our RSS feed.


New to blogs and feeds?

What’s an RSS feed?

No worries, it may take some getting used to before you really grasp it’s power.

First off, the term RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is basically like a radio receiver & antennae for blogs and web sites that update their content frequently. So by using a “feed” service like Feedly and others you are able to subscribe to blogs that you are interested in following and seeing updates from on a regular basis. RSS Wikipedia

This is an extremely powerful learning tool. Very quickly and easily you can access all the latest information on any given subject matter. RSS feeds are updated daily if not hourly, so as soon as a blog posts a new article it is quickly thereafter seen in your feed. It’s like having a live news channel always on but giving you only the information and subject-matter you are interested in or only from the authors you care to read. With services like Feedly, you can have them open and available in a browser tab to quickly scroll through in a moment, but they also have a smart phone app, so quite literally you can always remain up to date on all the things you care to know about. From your reader you are also typically able to save stories you wish keep close for future quick access or to finish reading at another time.

Give it a try, but be aware, it may prove to be rather addictive!

To subscribe to our feed in Feedly simply copy this URL: http://360.skyline.com/feed/ then login to Feedly, either via a desktop/browser or via the app then click into the “search or add feed” field (look for the magnifying lens icon) and paste the CSG feed URL in and it should find it right away, then click on the feed that it finds and assign a category and that should do it.

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