Rocky Presley (Skyline Sector 5 Exhibiting Consultant) shares his experience working with Skyline 360 to close a deal.

“We had the opportunity to work with Skyline 360 to create digital content for a client. I cold called this client back in August after working here for about 3 weeks. It was the digital content that got the conversation going. After our initial discovery, it was obvious that they didn’t have the budget to update their much-dated booth space and create the digital content that they needed. We were able to sell the job with a fantastic design, but that was only the physical properties.

“It could not have gone better.”

When I reached out to 360, they were enthusiastic and came back with a quote that surprised me. I used to work in production, and I know how much the industry rate is to create the content that we were asking for. They got the job, and after much back and forth between the client delivered a fantastic product.

We received a glowing wall of fame letter from the company, and the CEO was singing the praises of the collaboration between our office and Skyline 360.

It could not have gone better. The booth space had more qualified customers than ever before, which was a big win for a show as big as ConExpo. This was the first booth that I sold and my first interaction with 360, and I have recommended the service to my team over and over again. I can’t wait to work with those guys again.”

– Rocky Presley, Skyline Sector 5