Check out this great article from about why it is so important to maintain brand consistency. Surprisingly brand consistency is often overlooked and under-valued still today. We have worked with many brands over the years, some of them “get it” and some of them don’t but regardless we always work towards either establishing or maintaining maximum brand consistency… whether the brand is happy with their current status or not.

Check out the article below and feel free to give us call if you or a client ever want to discuss how we can help you with your brand consistency.

Boost Profit With Brand Consistency

From the experts, everything you need to know on branding consistently for higher visibility and more revenue.

Brand Consistency is worth billions.
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How much is brand consistency worth?

This might not be a question you find yourself asking often. Even though we spend a tremendous amount of time discussing branding, plenty of companies go forth into that dark night…uhh… move forward with their branding plans, without ever measuring the growth benefits or possible setbacks. Luckily, for all of us, Lucidpress, in partnership with Demand Metric, surveyed over 200 organizations to better understand the impact and value of brand consistency.


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